c a r e * i n s t r u c t i o n s

collage_care instructions

 C A R E


Your hat/headpiece has been handmade with love and is very delicate. I would love you to be able to enjoy your design for as long as possible so please follow these simple care instructions:

  • When traveling it is best to transport your piece in the sturdy hat box provided, this will help protect it from dust, dirt and any knocks.
  • During wet weather always use an umbrella to protect it and avoid spending extended periods of time in these conditions to avoid damage.
  • Make-up, hairspray and oils from your hands may mark or discolor the delicate materials, so please handle with care.
  • When storing your hat/headpiece for long periods of time, the best place is in the original hat box provided. Ensure that the brim and crown are both supported with acid free tissue paper and stuff the crown with tissue paper to help keep the original shape.
  • To remove any lightly soiled spots (such as make-up on the headband), slightly dampen a clean cloth with a mild soap solution and rub gently. Remember silks and other delicate fabrics are prone to water marks so please do NOT attempt to clean them as you may damage your design.
  • Bows, feathers, veiling and other shapes can be gently supported with tissue paper to help keep their original form.
  • Other decorative embellishments (such as rhinestones) may need to be covered in tissue paper to help prevent marking/damaging the delicate fibers.
  • Store your hat box in a cool, dry place as both heat and moisture may damage it.

I hope you love wearing you design as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Heidi Holmes


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