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a b o u t * m e

c h i h u a h u a

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a timid little girl. She dreamed a fairy tale of enchanting beauty where fairies danced and sang and could be seen with little white flowers all up in their hair. Shut The Front Door is the epitome of this magical land today. Timeless elegance and whimsical fantasy are echoed in the bespoke bridal headpiece designs.

Each collection draws on the bohemian stylings of designer Heidi. Revealing her passion for all things eclectic, Heidi’s delicate stylings are juxtaposed against an urban industrial element to add greater depth. The collection’s feminine beauty and grace is empowered by the strength of these masculine qualities.

Heidi’s thoughtful, true designs are intricately hand-crafted with the finest fabrics, Swarovski crystals and French laces with unique individual embellishments.

“Completing my graduate course in Beauty Therapy and Marketing in the UK, I worked in the Beauty Industry for a number of years before training in Wedding Consultancy. I was fortunate enough to be employed to make hairpieces by a talented wedding dress designer on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and in this role I discovered my flair for creating my own designs. I now work independently. I live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with my husband, young son, and beloved Chihuahua, Kiki Dee.”


Image by Karen Buckle